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Vehicle inspection based on
Artificial Intelligence object Detection.


Vehicle inspection

The number of refugees and also the illegal goods being smuggled is increasing drastically.  You can imagine that this puts enormous pressure on government and business and their executive staff. With the general shortage of personnel, it would be a solution to solve this with new innovative and effective techniques.

How do we achieve this?

Using (AI) object detection, the system can automatically recognize an object and forward notifications to the responsible person, who can then check the notification via a VI-Viewer. Using a ground unit with 5 cameras, it is possible to recognize objects under the vehicle and to optimize recognition using training sets. The VI Software can be fully integrated into existing environments and has various customer-oriented modules available that can be individually adapted without affecting later updates, for example reports

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We have come to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to obtain comparative images of moving vehicles with different heights, positions and lighting in relation to the cameras, which can be compared 1 on 1 with previous images of the same vehicle.

For example: A vehicle passes a checkpoint. How likely is it that it crosses the checkpoint exactly in the same position and with the same speed and lighting? We have tested this with no positive result. In order to perform a correct analysis, we have seen that this can be solved with Artificial Intelligence Object Detection technology.

Anomalies are detected with a certainty of 80%; people, weapons and packages. This is easy to expand with training sets. This technology can even be used for maintenance purposes.