General overview

Based on artificial intelligence object detection.

VI-3 makes use of a unique 5-camera array technology to provide accurate analysis of footage and automatic alarm-triggering on detection of potential threats and deviations on the underside of a vehicle during inspection.

Based on various deep-learning algorithms and the latest computer-vision techniques, it allows pattern-based detection of potential threats, even if the vehicle attempts an inspection for the first time.

The VI-Checkpoint software and VI-Web software have unified and easy-to-use user-interfaces. Integration into custom environments and extension of VI-Checkpoint and VI-Web software is possible through available Vehicle Inspector API’s.

Thus, the 3rd generation Vehicle Inspector, VI-3, is the most unique, robust, seamless and uncompromising under-vehicle-inspection (UVI) solution that can handle both small-businesses and big-corporate environments, with nearly infinite scaling capacities making it also the most flexible access control management system currently available on the market.

The VI-3 checkpoint unit is a complete and fully functional outdoor unit consisting of a recessed VI-3 ground unit, control cabinet, server and viewing station. The 19” outdoor/AC control cabinet including AC is for use under any condition.


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