Automatic camera cleaning

Taking an image of an object is not only the first but also the most crucial part of entire inspection analysis.

Therefore, it is extremely important to create perfect conditions which will lead to acquire clear and not obstructed pictures. Since, from the principle, system is constantly laying in the ground and it stays there for years, we had to develop a solution which will keep our cameras clean at all times.

Every single camera is equipped with stainless steel cleaning nozzle which blows compressed air at 10[bar] prior to every inspection. In addition to that, cameras are cleaned automatically every 5 minutes to prevent solid or liquid bodies from accumulating on top of the camera glass. What is more, replacing cleaning nozzle or camera glass does not require to open the system. It is easily accessible from the outside and can be replaced with less than 2 minutes.

In addition to that, cleaning nozzle protects camera glass from direct contact with vehicle’s wheels therefore preventing it from extensive scratching.

Our cleaning solution can easily deal with: rain,sand,rocks,debris,mud.

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